Friday, September 11, 2009

late August early September roundup

It's the end of the summer and things have been crazy getting ready for Fall. I did a whole lot of paperwork, started working on my exhibition coming up in October, organized some workshops, and have been pounding out a lot of stuff in the studio.

I started it late, but after I built the kitchen scraps composter(out of an old gramophone cabinet), I started a garden. I built a raised bed to start growing some vegetables. As soon as I mentioned that to my Mom and some friends I had a ton of advice and a bunch of donations to get me started. I've never done any gardening before so was surprised at how interesting it all is. The biggest thing was was how generous gardening people are. My Mom gave me a rain catching barrel and some herbs, some friends gave me a bunch of bedding plants and cuttings and when I was there, their neighbor did too! My raised bed was overflowing with plants and I had to dig another garden patch else where in the yard to accommodate all the bedding plant donations. The cabbages and the herbs went into old pails. So everything is looking good. Some of the fun and drama(who needs TV when you are war with slugs) is with the observations of all the micro organisms, the identification of plants in the yard which my Mom says are weeds, and all the little jobs regarding taking care of everything.

The September Harvest moon Sept 5. I had a fire and watched it come up. Nice.

My studio work is heating up with several projects. Pictured below are some photos of the research work I am doing for a Scrap Yard Guitars workshop I am preparing at the Graffiti Gallery as part of the Send and Receive Festival in October. Check out this old entry for more of this research. One String Bass Slide Guitar

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Blogger Susan said...

This "post-composting-lady" salutes the aesthetic success of your compost bin!

4:04 PM  

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