Tuesday, May 15, 2007

report from Montreal

Usine C == Elektra headquarters

test, test, test... is this thing working?

tour of SAT

Bill Vorn explains his robotic art at Hexagram/Concordia

Montreal streets

Lesbians on Ecstasy


Monday, May 07, 2007


Can this week get any busier?! After getting my tax return in, I find myself madly prepping to head off to Montreal as an invited artist to participate in the International Marketplace of Digital Arts hosted by the folks at Elektra8 . I'll be able to attend all the events at the festival as well as hopfully take in a bit of the Montreal Biennale. There's a whole crowd of Peg people in the exhibition and even more going to be there too.

So I am presently preparing a presentation and looking at tons of documentation from last year. Here's some shots from last year's Night Kite experiments which I am continuing this year where ever I am.

summer tour

Here' the basic information for my summer tour. As I said before I'm making it a roadtrip!

My solar powered audio artificial life installation Gregory's Sun Sucker is going to be in Vancouver as part of the Second Site Collective exhibition at the VanDusen Botanical Garden July 1- 31.

Here's the promo blurb.

"Second Site, running through to September 23. Presented by the Second Site Collective, the exhibit features a series of outdoor interventions and installations. Second Site Collective is a group of artists who create and present electronic art (sound, kinetics, robotics, sculpture etc) in public spaces. The art created by Second Site causes the viewer to do a ‘double take’, transforming a familiar space into a place where art has created a heightened sensory experience. Different works/events will run every day through the end of July, and then sporadically through August and September will a finale involving all the pieces on September 23."

As well Gregory's Sun Sucker and Rock n Roll pt.1 will be in Meaford Ontario for the second annual
Electric Eclectics Festival August 3-6.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kite experiments with sound

A kite playing a guitar.
Sounds surreal and that's what I like about it. What I'm trying to do is amplify the vibrations of the kite line with the body of the guitar as an amplifier/resonator. The wind sets the kite line vibrating. As the wind pushes the kite around the string tension goes up and down changing the frequency of the vibrations in an audible range. And it works! Next up..electronics!