Sunday, August 24, 2008

report from Banff

This week I am at the Banff Centre for the Arts participating in Interactive Screen 0.8: Sustain, a workshop/conference concerned with intersections between art, new media and a few extra stops along the way. Today is sunday, the first day of a weeks worth of jam packed programs. With the first presentation at 9 am, around noon it felt like a monday. Just another way the Rocky Mountains and the staff at the Banff Centre can mess with ones time/space continuum.

At Banff, it is still quite easy to see a lot of flora and fauna.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Record of the Week: The Royal Canadian Lovers School

Back in the Peg now and I hit the ground running. The week is already in full swing with my participation last night in Mike Petkau's Record of the Week project. Working with Jesse, Jay and Mike to cut a track from scratch was a highlight of my summer. There were many of wow moments observing these guys putting it all together, especially the vocal tracks. I laid in some noise, then somehow got talked into singing harmonies and no one stopped me from laying down some guitar tracks even though I haven't played any guitar since 1994 nor have I sung anything since 1989. The idea of playing guitar and even singing harmony on a vocal track was horrifying. Yet I managed to create and cut the tracks with only two takes. Kudos to Mike as a producer, he made it easy for all of us to move out of our comfort zones to contribute. And the resulting final mix really shines because of it. Thanks guys.




American Maniac Found Floating in Winnipeg Gutter

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sackville week 5...keeps on getting better.

Confederation Bridge to PEI.

Beach on Northumberland Strait.

Recording at the beach.

Home made peach cobbler with fresh picked raspberries and after dinner drinks.

Another kite workshop.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

indie pop, rock n rain... week 4

Cedar wedge as a biodegradable picnic plate.

Sappy Fest

Monday morning after the festival.

The lost kite found again.