Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wind coil sound flow in Montreal!

I'm just getting ready to head out to Montreal to install my new work at articule in conjunction with the Elektra festival. I'm pretty excited as this is a brand new work. It's a result of 5 years and ongoing research on kite based sound instruments. Another really great part of this project is the support and help from my friends Darcy Bunio and Stephen Hanson. Stephen gave me a bunch of salvaged piano wire to play with. And Darcy , an accomplished luthier, built some custom resonators for the project.

prototype documentation from the Art's Birthday presentation on January 17 2009 here.

Kite Lab documentation here.

resource documentation here.

Here's a sound example from the prototype run through wind coil sound flow

Here's the official blurb.

title: wind coil sound flow
descripton: electro-mechanical sound installation

For his exhibition at articule, Ken Gregory will build an acoustic electro-mechanical system that poetically reproduces the processes involved in operating an Aeolian Kite Instrument in the field, a wind instrument based on an Aeolian harp. The kite's towline is acoustically coupled to a resonator. The resonator amplifies the wind induced vibrations of the towline and resonates harmonically. A large one stringed guitar played by the wind. Receiving the audio recordings from this outdoor instrument, his electro-magnetic sculpture in the gallery not only becomes a poetic and kinetic representation of a sound speaker, but also mirrors the different components of the Aeolian Kite Instrument used to capture the wind’s voice.

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