Sunday, March 30, 2008

the latest, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec City

My video installation 'Endless Kiss' is going to be shown at the Signal and Noise Festival in Vancouver April 16-19 2008. I'll be there for the opening at Video In .

Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns, the survey exhibition continues at the Art Gallery of Hamilton until April 27 2008. Catch it if you can as many of these artworks are going to be disappearing into collections, put in storage or being disassembled/recycled when the exhibition closes. Produced by Plugin ICA .

New species of Sunsucker discovered! I've been commissioned to repackage the devices for semi-permanent installation as part of a garden/social space being installed in Quebec City this summer. More information when I know more at a later date.

I've been commissioned to produce a soundtrack for Trip Dance's current season performance, The Art of Displacement which will be held on April 18, 19 2008 at the Gas Station Theatre here in Winnipeg.

My studio/workshop.