Monday, November 15, 2010

back to the Peg

I'm home now. I hit the ground running with reality smacking me upside the head. No time for wistful recollections of almost a dream art tour. The water heater was dead, the starter and the battery in the van were toast, there was a stack of mail(bills) to look after, crates and other shipping details to take care of and the garden needed a lot of attention. The icy fingers of winter are already reaching through the cracks in the window and door frames. The tour is a distant memory already.

I thought that two months away from the garden would have me missing the fall harvest. I left in late August.. Surprisingly there was still lots of food to harvest from the backyard. I've been happily making some great meals with the herbs, potatoes, beets and such. There's tomatoes and lemongrass in the freezer for deep winter dinner treats and dried herbs for tea. We brought in some herbs to winter inside and they are perking up with new shoots and a delightful green contrast to the grayish pre-snow look of everything.