Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wheels, poppies and getting airborne

The new studio space is working out really well. Lots of room. Depicted is a prototype for a remote control workbench I'm building for the Shadow Machine project in Vancouver.

New Wheels! I found a nice 2000 GMC Safari van to haul my art stuff around. Including runs to the floodway to work on my kite project.

Our garden is surprising us everyday. We don't need no stinkin nature channel. (said in may best Treasure of the Sierra Madre bandito voice) It's all going on in our backyard. Squirrels, cats, raccoons, and insects. An adventure and drama daily under the soil, on top and in the air. Along with the lettuce we've been eating beet greens, peas, beans, various herbs and other things. Soon we will have tomatoes! We have some plants flowering including our previously mentioned mystery plant. Now identified as an orange day lily. There's still most of the summer for growing so as a rookie gardner I'm feeling pretty good about our efforts.

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