Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our crazy garden.

Last year I got a late start with gardening but managed to get the yard cleaned up and learn a few things with a few plants. This year I decided to amp it up and with Sandee , who moved in upstairs back in February, keen on doing some gardening too, we started putting a lot of effort into getting it going. We wanted to keep it pesticide free, as low cost as possible and have lots of vegetables to eat. And have fun doing it all.

Back in early April when it was really hot I started a bunch of boxes built with reclaimed materials and a 5 cubic yard load of new soil. We both started seeds inside and outside and started hitting up our friends and the interweb for info. I kept building boxes, raised beds and containers until the soil ran out. We even spread some of the soil around the yard. The last few weeks has been filled with seeding, planting and organizing everything.

Here's some pictures that Sandee took of our garden. We already have lettuce to eat! The heavy rain this weekend busted up some of the seedlings after these pictures were taken. We have faith that most things will recover. If not, we have time to re-do some things. The backyard is going to be an awesome place to hang out in this summer!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vancouver/Shadow Machine

Return to the Western Front. The Shadow Machine in progress. Artists at work.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010


I'm back in Vancouver working on the Shadow Machine project with Peter, Alvin and Carol. I arrived early so I could get some work done on my back tattoo at Sanitary Electric. So far I've been walking around spending money eating out, working with Peter on some Shadow Machine audio, checking out all the gardens and marveling at the wonderfully landscaped yards. I started building a garden in my back yard at home and am very inspired.

Vancouver: where pinups, bikes and beer easily go together at Central City Brewing Company.

Evapotranspiration is the name of the process in which trees and plants move water from the ground up to the leaves where it evaporates into the atmosphere. A large part of our worlds processing of sun and water to provide the basics of life for everything and everyone. And part of the beginning of a new series of research explorations for me.

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