Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scrapyard guitars workshop

The workshop I gave at the Graffiti Gallery as part of the send and receive festival was a lot of fun. I demonstrated my One String Bass Slide Guitar made with a hockey stick, my washtub bass and several other one and two string guitars. Ten Diddley Bows were made and decorated by 6 kids, 2 teenagers and a couple of adults. At the end we jammed and ate pizza. Good times.

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Fall trip- Boreality Project

My last scheduled trip with the Boreality crew happened at the the beginning of October. We travelled back to the Bisset area and hiked around looking at the forest and the Canadian Shield with a couple of botanists. Then we headed south a little bit to Nutimik Lake to look at the petroforms at Bannock Point and the ones deep in the forest at Tie Creek. We hiked into the forest with Ron Bell, the Keeper of the Petroforms, who gave us tons of info about the forest, the petroforms and the ongoing spiritual significance of everything. A very good week.

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wind coil sound flow at U of W

The exhibition continues until October 31. Everything is going very well. There's a great article about it in the current Uptown Magazine by Sandee Moore. I'm already getting ready to take it down on November 1. The Gallery 1CO3 blog has tons more photos. And check out Gallery 1CO3's facehook page for more photos. Big thanks to Glen and Chris for all the construction/installation help, Milena for all the curatorial work, and Jennifer for keeping things running.

Steve Dietz's photos here--> wind coil sound flow

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